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Chinese Declaration of ETT Creation


Jiangmin Su

In the Course of human events, when an idea must be understood and respected, and the idea is looking for supporting in the whole world and grows itself in accordance with the natural developing and growth law, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind, a desire of being understood requires that we have to explain and announce who we are, what we desire, what our dream we are holding.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all human progress is the creativity and innovation, is the exploration of the unknown. Then we generation who are standing at the tip of the existing creation reality today created by the foundation of keeping asking and finding of all our predecessors, that we, our generation as the relay racer hand of the creation’s torch,as the standard-bearer and the heritage of the human civilization, to raise a new and even bigger, even bolder asking and finding of the future is our duty of responsibility and mission.

Throughout Chinese five thousand years’ history, the Chinese were in the position of the leading power in the world for so long, fell behind of the world began of the creativity was suppressed. It is this method of creative and innovation to which the civilized nations owe the greater part of their prosperity and the more valuable part of their knowledge; The super power of Great Britain started from its Industrial Revolution, the fundamental driving force of the rising of The United States was its creative vitality.

Creation is a plan for the future, is to imagine things into actual existence, convert the unknown into ascertain. Is to extend human’s sense to the future and to download the future.

There is no labor from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought; it is the hardest work in the world.

But we know very well, In that moment you drop into the competitive mind from creative mind, All human wisdom is required to put quotation marks, that kind of wisdom will be to conquer new territories, to snatch the existing fruit, they are yours today, and another’s tomorrow. Fall into the vicious circle of you beat me in this round, then I defeat you with the same tactics in the next round.

As a man, such "wisdom" cannot escape the torture of your conscience and moral even if you win.

We do not want to live in this way, we hope another way, we hope to create, not fall in the competition of seizing the existing wealth, but by the way of turning the visional things in our imagination into reality from formless substance.

We claim that the driving force of the world is creation, is most needed engine power of the "world factory". We declared that there is no a confirmed new ideas do not cause the formation and the creation of new forms of things. We claim that we are not alone for intellectual pleasure, get knowledge, to meet our ambition, prove we are better than others, we choose to create, but for a better future for mankind, to accelerate the arrival of the era of truly global village, and dedicate our efforts to the world. We declare that we do not seek the things belong to others, we let our imagination to create something out of formless substance. And we are finding and using all forces and sources which could make it come true in the whole process of the creation. We claim that one the road of the creation, as long as we push forward firmly step by step, the people, the things, the environment we desired will enter into the creation automatically at the right time. We declare that the minimum baby steps we take will become the initial beginning of the ETT’s future space velocity. We claim that if there is a cosmic bank, for the purpose of achieving this goal, we will not hesitate to use this universe Bank boldly.

Evacuated Tube Transportation is the most natural and most direct inference science results based on all known modes of transportation of. That is, to eliminate the friction between trains and tracks, meanwhile eliminate and the friction between aircraft and atmosphere. It is the perfect combination of the levitation and the vacuum pipe. It is one eligibility choices of the future transportation method, and it is the response to the calling of the global village era. Now we are in the era of the Internet, so that anyone at any corner could get the information or knowledge he needed at the speed of light on the earth, But the real material, physical matter transmission is still subject to the rules of time and space! Evacuated Tube Transportation conception emerges because of demand at this junction of time and space. Its superiorities and merits are so vivid: fast, convenient, efficient, energy-saving, clean, environmentally friendly and safe. Achieve space travel on Earth. Ensure the humanity travel could enter a new stage.

Perturbations are observed in the motion of Uranus. Leverrier needs another star at a certain place to keep the solar system in order, and Neptune appears in the place and hour appointed.

The instinctive wants of the human and the intellectual wants of Cuvier, the wants of human nature and of the mind of Leverrier were alike, and thus the results; here the thoughts of an existence, there an existence. A well-defined lawful want, therefore, furnishes the reason and direction for the more complex operations of society.

Thought for ETT is still a long way to achieve, is a wrong illusion of human kind.

One, now we feel it really exists, and in theory it has been fully matured.

Second, the future reality based on the top thinking architecture of now.

Third, the future is driven by the current action we take. Vision always precedes the reality, and it always determines and fixes the future.

The persons who propose new ideas, new creations, such as the group of people: Columbus, Darwin, Galileo, Fulton, Edison, Marconi, Ford, Stephenson, the Wright brothers, etc., have all experienced sarcastic comments of their own people and even had been cruel persecuted.

Remember that majorities are always led, they never lead. It was the majority that fought, tooth and nail, against every advance or improvement ever suggested. The sentries who patrol the most advanced outposts of the Industrial, Political, and Religious world are calling anxiously to each other. What of the night? While they unite each other inconceivably like a one against any possible innovation consistently, and fire their criticism words on innovators simultaneously. Hey, we rejected this criticism, we will show nothing but contempt for them!

Too much of these history lessons of questioning innovations. Too much. The whole world is on the eve of a new consciousness, a new power and a new realization of the resources within the self. A totally new belief and confidence of knowing what we want to create will be success.

In order to facilitate the realization of ETT, we will actively carry out propaganda to introduce it and put us into work practices with pioneering and initiative spirit.

This task is a long way to go job, we have to form a team with the spirit of the group of wild geese. Just like we saw them in our childhood, they formed a special team starting the long journey to conquer the distance to arrive the south in the autumn.

Let us such as geese in general, discharge formation of special long-distance migration began, every waving wings, are sent behind fellow rising power, to win exceed 1.7 times the potential of each individual flight distance.
Let us learn from them
A flock of wild geese begin a long migration by lining up with a special formation
Flap the wings each time
Also sends the rising power behind for their partners
In team formation, they fly forward
to win the flying distance of 1.7 times
Cry of enthusiasm to the companions who get great encouragements
Encourage the previous company, comrades of USA, and Europe
Maintain the team in confidence of flying forward
 When most difficult leading goose is tired, let it retreat to the back side, let another companion continues to guide the flight. Everyone can be a hero and leader.
Let us act like a flock of geese
With their little bodies
Fly in the unknown journey ahead
In order to arrive in the fairyland
Lasts 80 days
In 1900 hours
Cover 3200 kilometers
Over the mountains
Across the ocean
Go through fierce winds, heavy rains and blizzards,
And arrive at the dreamland of their destination at last!

From the day we arrive on the planet, and blinking, step into the sun, There’s more to see than can ever be seen, More to do than can ever be done, There's far too much to take in here, and find a voice strongly stirring us in our innermost side, a dream of becoming a great man’s desire burning wildly in our chest, the voice is calling us, hey ,boys, it is your time, it is your turn to stand in the center of the stage, mount a stone and cry for the ETT, It’ the time we must do something for ETT!!!

Let us act as the prophet Mohamed, and rose up from a camel boy, standing at a unique point of view,  find out the bugs easily at the matrix of his society , experienced in exile, hard sermon, after ten years he returned to Mecca, This old man who ended the tribe culture which treat each other as hostile, ended the tribe culture of the consanguinity revenge, united the whole Arabia culture, humbled called himself a massager, this saint standing in the Bayt Allah of Mecca the holy temple, addressed his farewell speech: "you do not kill each other,  do not cheat and oppress each other, do not seize wealth from each other, do not betray each other, be kind to each other, so that you could know each other, please be a witness that I have had, I conveyed my message to you? "The answer is:" Na'ma! We witness! " Echo loudly, and resound across the heavens! In that time the truth was just as simple as this message.

We gather the elites in different walk of life, to develop a fast, convenient, high efficient, energy saving, cleaner, environmental friendly, safe, economical and practical new transportation system ETT, which is the ultimate goal of our struggle. Together, let us fly farther!
Let us take off first for this dream!
And if China is to be a great nation, to prove we Chinese people have the qualification and value of living in this beautiful land of the Earth for five thousand years, and to prove we can lead times, this must become true.
And so let the sound of creation ring from the highest mountain peak of Qomolangma!
Let the sound of creation ring from the Ten thousand-miles Great Wall!
Let the sound of creation ring from the headwaters of the Yangtze River between the Kunlun Mountains and Tanggula Mountains!
Let the sound of creation ring from the roaring Hukou Waterfalls of Yellow River!
Let the sound of creation ring from the military arrays who were sleeping millions of years in the Qin tombs!
Let the sound of creation ring from the peaks of Huangshan grotesque rocks!
But not only that.
Let the sound of creation also ring from the stone ridges of the first Mountain of the Five Great Mountains!
Let's the sound of creation ring from the "Time tunnel trip" of the Silk Road!
Let the sound of creation ring from the Three Gorges Dam!
Rings from each acre earth of the 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers.

When it rings from every mountainside, every land, every lake, every river, every province, every city, we will be able to speed up that day, at that time, all the Chinese men, women, and children will be able to join hands and to witness the great moment, we are strong, we are back to the leading place where we always are! We get it at last! We do it at last! Thank God Almighty, we are the people who achieve it at last!

Let’s united for this vision and struggle, sacrifice our own wisdom, make every effort to promote the early realization! Let us to book the future ahead, to touch the future, to promote the future!

Evacuated Tube Transportation Development & Promotion Association
AD Oct, 2013




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